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“Confusion Ends After Midnight”

Confusion Ends After Midnight

🧩 “Confusion ends after midnight” – clarity reveals itself to those who practice the power of the puzzle. 🦉

“Between Two Branches”

Between Two Branches

🧩 “Between the Two Branches” – reminds us that the choices we make today will shape our outcomes tomorrow! 🦉

“Washing Day”

Washing Day

🧩 “Washing Day” – shows that nature always tells the truth and why do these bunnies look like they know something we don’t?! 😍

“Cubs Of The Big Bear”

Cubs Of The Big Bear
🧩 Cubs Of The Big Bear 💪 – Dear mom and dad! There is no way that I can pay you back but my plan is to show you that I understand! Imagine puzzling with your Big Bear on Christmas Eve! 😉

“So Good That Butterflies Also Feel Butterflies In Their Stomach”

So Good That Butterflies Also Feel Butterflies In Their Stomach
🧩 So Good That Butterflies Also Feel Butterflies In Their Stomach 🧩 – is a profoundly philosophical work concluding that sometimes the best thing you can do is just sit on a tree. 😁

“Key to Heaven’s Gate”

Key to Heaven’s Gate
🧩 Key to Heaven’s Gate – Solo is good but together is even better! ❤

“Actually, Pandas Dream About Fresh Birch Shoots Above All”

Actually, Pandas Dream About Fresh Birch Shoots Above All
❤️ “Pandas love birch shoots” 🧩 – And we love pandas just as much! In truth, we love all living creatures and their preferences. And we love puzzles too! ❤️

“Welcoming Macroplastics”

Welcoming Macroplastics
🧩 “Welcoming Macroplastics” 🧩 – Reminds us of the relationships between our consumption patterns and the environment. 🤔

“Masha And The Bear”

Masha And The Bear
🍄 “Masha And The Bear” 🍄 – Guides us to look beyond the cover, because things are often not what they seem. 🌈

“Against The Wind”

Against The Wind
🧩 “Against The Wind” 🧩 – Encourages us to paint across the lines. Think outside the box. Life does not have to be like this. Art is about seeing what everyone is seeing and seeing what no one has seen. We believe that one person bold enough can change the status quo, because history shows that they are exactly the types who do.

“Volunteer Nut Gatherers”

Volunteer Nut Gatherers

🧩 “Volunteer Nut Gatherers” 🧩 – Sometimes the fruit on the other side of the shore feels just out of reach like the last sun of August, but don’t despair, because success favours those who dare to experiment. “What a nut to crack”, thought the penguin, and went on wagging its wings.

“Change Is Hard, But Good”

Change Is Hard, But Good
🧩 “Change Is Hard, But Good” 🧩 – Reminds us that sometimes it is useful to step out of our shells to see the world and ourselves in it in a new light. Energy wants to flow and rivers never turn stale. We have to keep moving!

“Comets Confused”

Comets Confused
🧩 “Comets Confused” 🧩 – Make a wish! Folklore has it that a glance that catches flashes of silver silk in the celestial arch will be granted one wish from the secret depths of a cosmic power source.

“If All Mushrooms Would Unite”

If All Mushrooms Would Unite
🧩 “If All Mushrooms Would Unite” 🧩 – Frames a valuable narrative about the importance of human relationships in shaping our lives. All power is from within. Start with you! If the sincere mushroom boys can live in symbiosis with others using their infinite intelligence, we are to learn from them! 🍄

About the artist


"A self-made painterly spirit, a simple-minded desire to improve the world, plus a dream to understand the world through his gentle actions. Naivist, what naivist! It's made all the more special by the fact that I'm from Navi (the village in South Estonia where I lived as a child)."